I had a text conversation with a family member who is very dear to my heart over the past weekend and during that conversation, she said to me “I always and still believe I am fat and unpretty”.  

The first thought after reading what she wrote I immediately spoke to her “you are the most beautiful person I know INSIDE and OUT”.  This was not to placate her, or convey what “I think” I should say, but it was the absolute truth!  So, as I was carrying out my parental duties the remainder of that day, what she said would drift back into my thoughts. I was a bit confused as she is extremely beautiful, has a beautiful family, has a CAREER not a job; to include a Master’s Degree, AND most importantly has a DEVOUT relationship with GOD.

 With that said, she is younger than I am by a few years; however, I look up to her, as she has accomplished what I have not YET been able to.

What I want to convey is, no matter how it looks on the outside, on the inside we are all fighting our inner battles, the battle of the mind.  We all have them; you may believe strongly “Not Me!” but YES YOU. 

The battle I am fighting DAILY is my total lack of confidence. The possibility of coming across as a scatterbrain, not intelligent, inadequate, uneducated, a failure etc., this is my daily battle.

Yes, yes, I know we should not care what another person thinks or feels about us, we hear this all the time initiating as toddlers. However, because we hear it does not make it so, there will ALWAYS be a piece of us saying, “What are they thinking?” be it a micro piece, or a massive piece.  That insecurity is in us but the CRUCIAL difference comes in how we handle it. Do you instantly shut down that insecurity, overpower it with your confidence? Do you swim in that confidence and DENY insecurities a place within your life?! Or ultimately, do you succumb to it?

It is necessary to ask yourself “who do I have in my life that reiterates how amazing I am?”  Who offers that boost when needed, offers love, trust, understanding, reassurance and positivity that builds your inner-self and calms the battle?  Do you surround yourself with people who build your confidence or destroy it?

Empower Yourself! We are all unique! Accept the positive, and relinquish the negative!


With Love,


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