Guest Post Monday: David Bowman

David Bowman is 46 years old and a 27-year veteran of the US Air Force stationed in Arlington VA. He spends a majority of his time developing his small businesses. Outside interest include all types of recreation, reading, and writing.



The Growth Of A Black Man

On a cool early October day this year, I stood on the grounds of the National Mall staring up at the U.S. Capitol surrounded by hundreds of thousands of men and women of color. On this day, the leader of the Nation of Islam and the Justice or Else organization have gathered to inform and education a community of folks that some have described as under siege by police departments and justice systems across this great country. Is there a better backdrop to bring to light injustice than the steps of the U.S. Capitol?

I have shared this view of an awesome day with several of my family, friends, and co-workers (white and black) to show my growth. You see I did not attend the Million Man March 20 years ago, for several reasons. 1. I did not have any problems, 2. Didn’t want to be in any crowds, & 3. I am not Muslim. 20 years later, I realized how ignorant I was. I am even happier that at the time I never said these reasons aloud.

My Growth

As I listened to the speakers this year, I felt the struggle and encouragement in every word spoken. I realized that it is ok to have a voice, to speak up and out about injustice or injustices. Speaking up does not make you an angry person or a troublemaker. It does show that you will stand for something. Speaking up is your constitutional right.

Growth continued…

I left the National Mall proud of being a black man in America. I do not have to be politically correct when I see a news clip of a black man being beaten by the police for walking in the wrong neighborhood. I can be black and say just that. I am black and I am proud. I can speak up when the brother on the corner-selling weed is sentenced to a 20-year prison term, while white criminals get their hand slaps for the same crime. I am black and I am proud.

My growth is personal accountability, first step for to stay black and represent what is good and decent about me! I am Black and I am proud.

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