Guest Post Monday: Sharon Kinard




Sharon Kinard
32-year-old mom of 5
Sales and Leasing Agent
High Point, North Carolina


 Definition Of A Strong Woman


 As women we go through so much in life and we often keep things bottled up on the inside, I believe it’s time for me to share some of my story and I pray that it will encourage someone today.


The beginning of life started out crazy, I came into a world not wanted by my biological mother or father.  The true/entire story why my biological mother did not want me was never expounded on, but I was told she had medical issues including nervous breakdowns, also while she was pregnant with me. I guess her medical issues began to take over her life, soon after I was born; I was placed up for adoption.


God provided me a loving adoptive mother and father. My parents raised me as if I was truly theirs, however, growing up I still felt alone at times. There was something still missing in my spirit, which caused me to act up as a teenager and not respect anyone. I was in and out of girls homes until I was 18. The day I knew I had to change was June 30, 2001, when I gave birth to my now oldest daughter. I no longer got into trouble but I began to look for love in all the wrong places. I allowed men to take control of my mind. I was weak and thought that if a man treated you bad than that was his way of showing you that he truly cared. I was absolutely wrong.


Well four kids later, I found myself in the worse relationship I could possibly be in. It was abusive the entire time; broken bones, black eyes and more. I hid everything that I was going through. I went through this for 5 long years and we even had a baby girl together out of it all. I can remember him beating me when I came home from having my cesarean and still having staples from the surgery. But through it all I still stayed with him thinking I could never make it out here on my own again. Moreover, who could possibly want me with four girls to raise? Well one night death flashed before my eyes as he was holding a knife up to my throat threatening to kill me if I left him. It was God himself who woke my daughter up to come downstairs to check on me. My daughter saved my life! At that very moment I knew I had to make plans to get out. It was not easy but God was with me every step of the way. You see God was waiting on me to decide to leave.


After I decided to move my girls back to North Carolina, I had no clue how things were going to work out. I was behind on bills, depressed and so much more. I just kept praying and asking God for strength through it all. When he started blessing me, I could not do anything but cry and praise him! I now have a beautiful HOUSE, CAR AND A GREAT PAYING JOB. When I look back over my life all I can do is scream THANK YOU JESUS!!!!! Oh, let me add he also sent me a good man who accepts all my children and treats them as if they are his own.


Every time I was ready to give up God told me to keep pushing and I did. Losing my Mother back in April has really made me look at life differently; she was the one person I knew would love me despite my flaws. She loved me when no else did and one of my goals in life is to keep making her proud of me.


Even when you feel like giving up and nothing is working out in your life just trust God. He has everything under control. Beautiful woman, never take abuse from a man. You are worth so much more! There is always away out!

God bless each one of you and I hope this message has saved someone.

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