Forty And Dating!


It used to be that if you were forty and single, you were an Old Maid. Not anymore, girl! Now if you’re single and forty, that means you’re picky, just like you should be! But maybe you’ve recently gone through a divorce and aren’t sure how to get back into dating. No problem! Here are my rules for dating in your forties.

2 thoughts on “Forty And Dating!

  1. By far, the best thing about dating in my 40's was that I knew what I DIDN'T want. 23 total years (two husbands) of marriage gave me the heebie-jeebies whenever I encountered anyone who remotely reminded me of anything that went on before. I was “indoctrinated”. So I dated wonderful, attractive, interesting, talented, successful men. I found that it was ME that was the problem. I was the one that had failed to grow – had failed to make the best of ME and MY TIME and MY LIFE – over those 23 years of being somebody's wife and somebody's mother. And when I finally married again – after seven years of blissful singledom – I got a totally different situation, but one that is possibly just as difficult, just as complicated, just as uncomfortable as anything that went before. But it is new….sometimes just new and different is nice. I am encountering new challenges every day. And making new decisions. This time, even though I have to compromise sometimes, I refuse to compromise MYSELF. Maybe it'll work this time.


  2. Dating can be so much fun if you just stay true to yourself! I have no “fairytale” expectations and I’m more honest and open now regarding myself and relationships then I have been previously. My personal growth will continue to expand, which will ultimately improve my percentages of a balanced, happy, lasting relationship. This article touched on a lot of bases as to why relationships are doomed from the onset. People get stuck in a continual rut and don’t WANT to see it. I’m a firm believer if you’re happy with yourself and step out the box sometimes, you can have a great time dating, and maybe finding love in an unexpected place!


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