Vent: Let’s Just Agree to Disagree! Really!


Let’s Just Agree to Disagree!

By Lisa Johnson

It is absolfreakinamazing how people troll and attack on social media due to current events! People are entitled to their feelings and (in a perfect world) should NOT have to deal with trolls making disrespectful, ignorant comments.  People believe it’s ok to push their unwanted views on you, calling you out of your name, demanding you “MUST take a side”.  You are either with your people (yeah, seriously, “your people”) or you are not. Plain and simple, no riding the fence, you lose your black card…Idiot, What!?  Lives were lost and you are implying or demanding I need to decide what lives were most important based on RACE?

First and foremost, the only side I will EVER affiliate myself with is God’s side. I am for PEOPLE, you will not find that I harbor feelings of discrimination based on race, religion, color, sex, ethnicity, financial status, type of job, where they live, what car they drive, what shoes they wear…how is any of this relevant when an innocent life is taken?  No one deserves to have their life taken for ANY REASON be it political and/or religious beliefs, criminal, domestic violence, etc. there should be outrage on all fronts for all innocent victims.

Moreover, do not tell me “Lisa, you had an easy life thus far, you wouldn’t understand my/our plight”. Well yes, you are correct dear, why just this morning while sitting in my 5000 Square footage home in Beverly Hills with my mimosa I was thinking, “what car will I drive today?”…then I freakin woke up.   My life is not in despair but there are always struggles, we have to respect the magnitudes of each persons.  

What I understand and respect is this; you may have experience atrocities I could not fathom, not sure if I could mentally overcome your struggles; but you need to understand, I do have empathy, outrage and love for you and your suffering.  In addition, my empathy knows no boundaries. The same hurt, disgust, and anger experienced for “my people” will be felt for ALL people; killing of innocent men, women, and children of any background is not just atrocious but HEARTBREAKING.

Innocent is Innocent, plain and simple.  Unfortunately, for you, the browbeater, I will continue to ignore your hate mongering, as I stand strong in my beliefs.  In addition, I accept and frankly, don’t give two shits that you don’t agree with me.

Express yourself; have at it! But don’t troll social media pushing your propaganda or making demands on people who do not share your ignorance! It’s falling on deaf ears buddy!

Aurthor: Lisa Johnson
Ruther Glen, VA

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