Single During The Christmas Holiday?

Single During The Christmas Holiday?

Relationship Behavior Series
Author: Lisa Johnson
December 2015
Article 1

As my single friends are painfully aware, during the Christmas holiday being single can be hella difficult.  You are minding your own damn business and BAM!  Every turn is a couple shopping, smiling at each other, holding hands, feeding each other (btw, ewww), reading each others thoughts, LOOKING HAPPY! Deep in their own little world…as I said “hella difficult”.

So, this holiday I’m going to offer a little advice from one single person to another, as I sooooo feel your pain friend!
Now, if you don’t listen to anything I say, please, please, PLEASE, take heed to this one thing; stay the FREAK away from the Hallmark Channels! YES, ALL OF THEM!!! They are EVIL reincarnated!! This time of year, every storyline on Hallmark is about falling in love during Christmas; single folks do NOT need this added stress Hallmark!!  Turn it OFF people, and turn on Syfy, FX, or Netflix, TRUST ME!
With that said, I looked at my situation and thought, “there has to be a silver lining in all of this”.  And there is one…but first you must begin by setting positive intentions for yourholiday; adopt a positive attitude! I believe that life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it, keep it positive.
Reach out to all the amazing people in your life; they want to be there for you. The holidays are more than just a time to stop and be grateful, the holidays are a time for us to come together and share moments of joy with the people we care about.
And that silver lining….it’s so much cheaper when you are single during the Christmas holiday! One less person to shop for! HOOOOO! YOU’RE SAVING MONEY PEOPLE! (HIGH FIVE!)
Here are a few of my plans for the month of December:

Purchase yourself a special gift.  You know, that gift you have been eyeing all year and saying “not now, not now, not now”. Well, it is Christmas time, no better time than the present. (lol)

Bring spirituality back into the holiday.
Set aside a special time to read the Christmas story in Luke 1:5-56 through 2:1-20.
And watch The Nativity Story!

Drink LOTS of eggnog, after December 31st it will be a thing of the past!

Start a blanket (crochet).

Eat as much as you want and not worry about a bloated stomach, eat and rub that ball…I mean TUMMY, put your feet up!! Holiday food is SO AWESOME!! (Rubbing your full tummy is actually a pretty freakin amazing feeling.)

Watch as much Supernatural as you can take! Or whatever you like if you are not a fan (unfortunate for you).

I have Blu to cuddle with. HEY BLU!
Hang out with your friends!

Visit Family NEAR AND FAR!

Wear your onsie PJ’s with the hood and tail! Heck, warm and cozy is where it’s at!

Put on those ugly Christmas socks, you know you have a pair!

Enjoy the quiet time

 And, as you are sitting on your favorite recliner with your eggnog and onsie on, watching Supernatural, remember…..SELFIE TIME!!

Author: Lisa Johnson
Ruther Glen, VA  

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