Sugar Cookie Recipe

So, all weekend  I’ve been thinking about baking cookies and today when I got home I couldn’t go another day without. Pretty damn bad right? Well, as I was gathering the ingredients I thought, why not share. I’m sure you’ll love the recipe as well; that is if you love a lot of fruity deliciousness all in your mouth! Seriously, they’re pretty damn AWESOME. Don’t know the name of the cookie recipe….Sugar Cookies w/ Fruit and Pudding I guess. Hell, all I know is they’re good and it’s my dinner tonight…with a Pepsi.


sugar cookie mix
mandarin oranges
pudding in the box powder

Make your cookie dough and put in the oven for specified amount of time.
While waiting on your cookies to bake cut up your fruit into small chunks and make your pudding.  Pudding only takes about 5 minutes to set.
After you take the cookies out the oven take a spoon and  press down in the middle of the cookie to make a crater in order to hold the pudding and fruit. Let cool.
Add the pudding, then your fruit.

Very quick and easy!


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