Welcome Regan!


I would like to WELCOME Regan Samaroo Jones to Beauty Is Growth! Regan has accepted the Author/Editor position on the Beauty Is Growth blog and Facebook page. I met Regan about 10 years ago; during this time we have shared amazing journeys together and came out unscathed (for the most part). This next journey has my excitement level literally overflowing as Beauty Is Growth is growing! Bigger things are coming folks which will enhance our ability to reach our goal – to CONNECT and SUPPORT you!

Welcome Regan!

From Regan-

I was born and raised in the island Trinidad. I was blessed to discover my purpose at an early age; I can still remember it like it was yesterday. It was my Aunt’s birthday and I had to be at least 11yrs old at the time, I wanted to get my Aunt something special so I scraped up what little pennies I had and ran outside and stopped what we called a bakery van that passed through our village every evening. They had so many pastries and cakes but all I could afford was a Coconut Bake, I wrapped it in brown paper and gave it to her. Seeing her reaction was all the confirmation I needed to know that what I wanted to do.  I realized then and there that’s my purpose…(no not to give out coconut bakes…lol) but to give people a reason to smile a reason to be happy, a reason to make them feel special and to know that someone does care about the little things that matter to them.

So many of us walk around immune to the deep rooted little things that plague our lives ignoring them thinking it would go away one day, afraid to share our deepest thoughts, trouble or even ideas with the perfect stranger, let alone our family members in fear of being judged.. Know this; despite what you read, watch, or hear do not allow the media to poison you into thinking that you have to be someone famous to make a difference or an impact in someone’s life. You are just as important as the person standing next to you and don’t EVER let anyone tell you any different.


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