Quick Friday Blog – Date…Less the expectations


Who said you should date for “courtship only” after age 40? Now is the perfect time to take your time, enjoy life, and let everything fall as it may. You are now experienced, wiser, thinking smarter (hopefully) and solid in what you will and will not accept. With that said…it’s not a race against time. Take what time has given you, i.e., experience, and put it to use. If you go on a date and never see each other again, cool beans. If you go on multiple dates with the same person and realize he/she is a total narcissist, say “See Ya” and keep it movin’. Have fun! Dating SHOULD be enjoyable, once you weed out the “L”.
Keep in mind, especially my lady friends, NOT EVERY DATE is an interview for “the one”. I am a firm believer you will find EACH OTHER when you are BOTH mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually ready for your happy ever after.
Ladies, embrace being FABULOUS AND SINGLE and men…..well, yawl need to reel it in a bit, but I am so not going there today. Folks….really, have fun without putting expectations on everything! You will have fewer disappointments  and will be a lot happier.    -Happy Friday Folks!!


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