Guest Post Monday – Derrick Hudson

Derrick Hudson
Father of 2
Barber, Photographer, Poet



Why are you afraid of me? I just want to open the door,

I’m not going to try to manipulate you, as you pass through.

Why can’t you believe in me? Have others threated you so bad

That you have seemed to lose all faith in me?

Why can’t I just say hello?

Why are you so mean to me? A compliment doesn’t mean that I’m after you,

A compliment is just what I intended it to be.

Why does the joyous sound of laughter have to be diminished

As you walk into the room,

Why can’t I just be me?

Who do you want me to be? The one that does not hold the door,

The one who manipulates you so that you will give me anything?

I was created because I believe in you.

I am not simply a word, I’m a gesture

That was simply put in place to breathe life into you.

Please do not be intimidated by me. I mean you no harm

And I can help you weather the storm, as I keep you protected,

I hope you get used to me.

May I now introduce myself to you?

I am not all of the lies that you have come to know

I am worth more than meaningless words that are formed

To destroy your integrity.

I can complete you, only if you believe in me.

I am what gives life to men and women of the nations. 

I am CHIVALRY…             
D. Hudson



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