Guest Post Monday – Sherry Morris

Sherry Morris
Mother of 5
Union University
Suddenly, I awoke to the sound of my 4 year old whistling and wheezing with every breath he took. Immediately, I jumped up grabbed the nebulizer, dispensed the albuterol and administered his treatment.  As his mother, I was frantic and worried with each step I took.  My little man sat there serenely, with his fish mask covering his mouth, breathing in his medication.  His demeanor was tranquil and reassuring, observing this alleviated my uneasiness. At that moment, I was inspired to become a nurse. Hence, my journey to become a registered nurse began.

The biggest decision would be to decide whether or not I could do this while working full time.  I love my family and did not want to rock what my family was used to. My husband is very supportive.  He encourages me with everything I aspire to do.  Going to nursing school was such an easy choice because my family backed me 100%.  After a thorough research of all my options, I decided to go away to nursing school.  I knew that the program would be tough but it was also of shorter duration.  I realized I needed to be focused while in school and my husband backed me with my decision.  Actually, we decided as a couple that it was the best move to make.  My focus would be on my studies while my husband would be both parents (on and off) for the next year.  It is scary but exciting to make such a bold move.  I have never been away from my children or without a job for a long period of time. 

The easiest part of this transition was being accepted to nursing school.  The hardest part is the time that I will spend away from my loved ones and leaving my job.  I know in the end it will be worth it.  I will miss birthdays, special project days, teeth falling out and report card days.  This next year, will truly be a testament of my passion to become a nurse, as I will live apart from my family for the next year.  However, I am not worried as my husband is a great father.  It also helps that we have plenty of family that surrounds us.  Happily, I will be able to focus so that I can graduate and put back that normalcy I interrupted. 

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