Morning Flower

Derrick J. Hudson

Morning Flower
By Derrick J Hudson
Published – 1998

Morning flower, so subtle,
Sufficiently satisfying the needs of my eyes.
Your limbs so perfectly formed,
Your petals so smooth
I sigh for a moment.
Morning flower, I choose you
For you are the best of the bunch.
I wait patiently for you to reach out to me,
Although I long for your touch.
I watch you, studying every inch of you,
As the wind blows you from side to side.
A golden touch you give me,
As if you had eyes and they meet mine.
What a wonderful feeling,
Knowing that I have you in my grasp.
Caressing you slowly, smelling your fragrance, it smells so fine.
Morning flower I want you,
For you are beautiful,
I want you to be mine…

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