Single On Valentine’s Day, Yep!

If you are Single don’t let February 14th put a hiccup in your happiness…now is the time to affirm your choice. Continue to give February 14th the importance it deserves, it’s still YOUR DAY! Celebrate your Wisdom, Beauty and GROWTH!

May I suggest…

Indulge Yourself!


Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, spend the day loving yourself. It makes perfect sense. Do whatever you want, be it pampering yourself with a lavish mani-pedi  – alone or with some girlfriends, or staying home, ordering take out and binge-watching every movie your celeb crush has ever made. Or binge-watch a full season of your favorite TV show on Netflix. After all, you have no one to please but your own self. Make yourself feel special and pampered!


Have Dinner with Friends!


Go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant with other single friends. Treat yourself to some place really special, and get a delicious dessert – you don’t have to share it!


Plan a big dinner for single friends, and spend the day shopping and cooking. Sometimes, all that chopping and sautéing can be totally therapeutic.


Be Someone’s Valentine!


You know you’re not the only person who might be feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day, right? Why not take that extra cash and buy a bunch of roses or colorful balloons? Give to friends and co-workers. You’ll be making a lot of people smile.


And for those of us who believe in love one day….figure out what you want out of love; it usually happens when you least expect it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!purple



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