Help This Wish Come True

I can recall pageant contestants wishing for world peace, that always made me shake my head. Well today in the year 2016, I wish for peace and unity in the United States. Please don’t shake your head…help this wish come true. My Facebook friends and acquaintances we are in trouble. I’ve read post over the past few days that indicate we are a divided nation. Not by party affiliations or by class or social standing. We continue to be divided by race. It is evident in everything that happens today. I could start with our reactions to the police shooting unarmed men, sides are taken immediately. Cops are racist, they are thugs, black lives matter, all lives matter, etc.. June 17 in South Carolina, somehow it was the parishioners and the flag that took center stage, not the shooter. Dec 2 in San Bernardino two shooters. Now, we must get rid of all Muslims. Flint MI, a city of low income whites and blacks with lead in the water, poisoning the entire city. The question is raised, why hasn’t the governor been charged with a crime? Well, it’s because he is white. The Super Bowl, wasn’t it about two teams? Nope, it was Cam is an arrogant thug, Peyton is a choir boy from a good family. OMG, throw BeyoncΓ© in and now the halftime show was a salute to the Black Panthers and Black Lives Matter. How did I miss that? Oh by the way, all of this is Obama’s fault. He’s been promoting hatred and separatism for 8 years. I almost forgot the boycott of the Oscars. Why? Your movies suck, no Oscars for you. To my black friends, my white friends, my Asian, Hispanic, hell all my friends, we are going backwards and I don’t think it is bothering many of us. As a fan of social media; FB, Twitter, Instagram, Blogs, etc.. I strongly agree that these are a hot bed for the promotion of racism by blacks and white. I reference these two groups based on population. The sheets, leather jackets and raised fist have been replaced by a screen and keys with letters. Interesting enough they are black and white. Have we all gotten so comfortable with each other that it’s time to break away? No way I’m not going for that. I don’t intend to fuck (excuse me) this country up. I won’t be here for ever, neither will you. Our kids deserve better! If I’m wrong, tell me. BTW, I’m not angry. I’m extremely disappointed in “us”. Hi, my name is David and I wish for peace and unity in the United States.

Β 95503-david

David Bowman

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