Friday Morning REAL Talk

Ok, some Friday Morning REAL talk….

Lately confusion has been running ramped in my camp; people’s behavior has had me knocking on domes asking, “Is anyone home”. Now forget that I am easily confused, that’s neither here nor there, these incidents have more than just me mystified and asking…. Where they do that at?

Help me understand…why are people so willing to make lifetime purchases in a “temporary” situation (relationship)? The intentions for forever/long-term are not there. Maybe thrown around in the wind, but never committed to due to lack of real interest. So again, why make a purchase you are stuck with INDEFINITELY, TOGETHER! Does this make sense to you?

My opinion, this is complete madness; theoretically, the relationship commitment comes before the financial commitment, yes? I am not pushing marriage,  HOWEVER, that would be the ideal situation!  Before we go out making willy-nilly LIFE decisions with a person “you’re just not into”…THINK!

We need to make wiser decisions. We gotta do better. We are setting examples.

Have a Fabulous Weekend Folks~



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