ladies! you should love being in your forties because…

  • Life begins at 40
  • Forty is fabulous
  • You are experienced enough to know your job well and young enough to work with energy and passion
  • You know what you like – and not – in a relationship and are not afraid or embarrassed to ask for it
  • You are not really interested in making new friends, but in spending quality time with the existing good ones
  • You know how to follow fashion and which clothes suit you best
  • You know your body pretty well by now and can quite easily tell when something is not right
  • You are the same age as Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman, Courteney Cox and many other hot celebrities in their forties
  • If you had children in your 20s, then they are all grown up and you finally have free time for yourself
  • If you have young kids, you have enough energy to have fun with them
  • If you want to have children, it’s not that late to get pregnant yet
  • If you married young, you should be proud of keeping your marriage alive for 20+ years
  • If you married recently, you have more chances of your marriage being a success
  • Unmarried women in their forties enjoy being alone more than younger single women
  • 40 something women are more confident
  • Forty-somethings are taken more seriously
  • Women reach their sexual peak in their 40s
  • Women reach their peak income when they are over forty
  • A woman’s creativity is enhanced in her forties
  • Forty is the new thirty


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