what am i looking for from life? spirituality

USA, Utah, Salt Lake City, Portrait of young woman looking away

What are you looking for from life? I struggle with this question, lord knows I do, and I believe I am not the only person who is experiencing this struggle.  Life is so frantic, who has the time to really ponder “What am I looking for from my life”? But, it’s an important question, and we must find the answer and work to achieve our goals.  Easier said then done right? We finally realize what we want and it seems impossible to achieve.  But nothing worthy is ever easily achieved, the fight for it makes the end result so much more joyous.

Let me share what I’m looking for –




  1. to have some clarity of mind;
  2. to feel each day more nearer to my inner self, be centered;
  3. to know myself;
  4. to have a greater level of spiritual joy that raises me above our human burdens;
  5. to live with intention and purpose;
  6. to be in the ocean of love and wisdom;
  7. to get a meaningful glimpse of the spiritual good side of everyone I come in contact with;
  8. to learn how to meditate when you do not have a lot of time to do so;
  9. to know how to abandon the shallower world around us to reach greater levels of peace;
  10. to really feel alive. I know that feeling. It doesn’t matter if you feel sad or happy there is a richness to it that is sometimes missing and I feel a dullness;
  11. to feel connected and not separated and lost would change my life;
  12. to just live;

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