8 things to remember after a break up


Breaking up is harsh, whether it’s expected or unexpected. You go through all that mental torture and life seems turned over, all of a sudden. You have to change your routine, wake up next to an empty spot in bed, eat meals without him etc. All of these things can cause severe anxiety and lead you to depression.

You start feeling hollow and devoid of any kind of feelings and emotions. Your heart seems distracted and your mind does not want to engage in any kind of activity. Before all of this happens, make sure you take yourself out of the trauma and the fear of being rejected and alone and remind yourself of these things:

1. You are not the reason he left:

Never blame yourself or him for whatever reason he gave you for leaving. Even if it is his fault or if he was interested in someone else, it is not your fault. He left because you two were not meant to be together. Simple. If you were, you would be together. So stop listening to those sad songs and stop thinking that it is all your fault that he left. Because he did not. Fate had decided this for you, so it happened.

2. Time heals everything:

Spend all your time crying and eating carbs or move on to a fresh start, the choice is yours. The important fact is that time passes so quickly that after a few weeks, you will not even feel the pain or the emptiness. So, it is much worse to gain unnecessary weight and then feel low over that too. Have a makeover and shape up. Let those curves be defined and within a week or two, you will become the most desirable thing in your town.

3. You are free!

You do not have to have long fights over wearing that mini skirt to the club or go out with an old friend late at night anymore. You can go wherever you want and meet whomever you want. You are a free bird now with the horizon all yours.

4. Letting go is easy:

It really is not as hard as it seems. You think that letting go of his stuff and memories will create a permanent hole in your heart, but no! It does not work like that. The sooner you will erase the memories, the better it will be for your mental and physical health. Plus, it will show how brave you are and you are among those very few people who can actually move on to be better persons instead of turning into ’emos’.

5. You are not worthless:

Think about all of those dreams you locked away because you wanted to stay with him. Well, now is the time time to let that girl out who got all of those scholarships and recognitions in college. Find your ultimate dream and fulfil it. Your passion will polish you and nourish your soul to become a much better person than who you were before you realized your worth.

6. A whole new world is out there:

So what if that one guy decided to leave you? It is certainly not the end of the world. All you need to do is step right out of your shell and let the beautiful world welcome you into its embrace. Do what you have always been reluctant to do and find your strengths. Take risks. Have fun. Enjoy your time as a single woman who is capable of doing so many meaningful things in life.

7. It is more hurtful when love is not reciprocated:

Don’t you think that being single is way better than being in a relationship in which the love you give is not reciprocated? You put all your energy and effort into that relationship but you see no such thing from your partner. Isn’t that more hurtful? We all have heard of the term ‘unconditional love’ and that, to be honest, is the best type of love that someone can give you. So if your guy never loved you unconditionally then trust me, he was not worth it at all.

8. Love will find you:

Love has its ways of finding the people who deserve to be found. And you are one of them! You deserve the kind of love we read in the Classics. The kind we watch in movies and the kind we interpret from songs. Love will find you, sooner or later. Just be patient and live your life according to your beliefs.

Every time those memories come flashing back, just remind yourself that you are a very beautiful, intellectual and strong woman. There is nothing in this world that can make you feel degraded and worthless because you are much more than that.


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