i am too old for this trying-to-be-perfect crap

I am so imperfect it isn’t even funny. If I actually sat down and started to overthink and critique myself about my life, someone would find me in a corner, curled up in the fetal position, simultaneously drinking champagne from the bottle while eating chocolate bars.

Here is what I know: I would rather keep trying for the life I want and falling down awkwardly sometimes then trying to control every part of my world around me and end up freaking out every time things don’t go as planned.

If I make a mistake, I fix it the best I can. If I offend, I apologize. If I fall flat on my face, I may whine a bit, but then I pick myself up and just keep going… trying to not repeat too many of my past mistakes.

My goal for at 40 something? Wake up every day and do my best, riding life as the adventure it is.


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