guest post – who am i?


Who Am I?


Who am I? Who are you? Often times I encounter individuals who seem to be caught up in a life that is not their own. It seems that we tend to sometimes get caught up in a false reality and sometimes we get stuck in that reality to the point where the truth can’t even set us free. The truth of reality.

I recently shared in conversation with a friend who in reality is such a beautiful person, inside and out but fails to see herself that way, I believe due to the false reality that a lot of us have come to know. Television and the internet along with lies, manipulation and deceit have plagued the core of so many individuals nowadays that it is scary. In our minds, I think that based off of the things that we expose ourselves to, we create these fantasy lives that seem to be better than our reality. Sometimes it is better because it is a safe place to be. Trapped in the confines our own thoughts. Not all that glitters is gold, even in our false reality. Even there, things will trigger you to be forced to deal with reality.

So my question is, why don’t we just deal with reality for what it is? Why do we accept everyone else’s opinion about who we are, but don’t accept us for ourselves? When I look in the mirror I see myself, I see a man who has been manipulated and caught up with the ways of the world for far too long but I also see and accept who I really am. I’m broken, I’m a father, I’m a friend etc… I am me.

As a photographer I encounter a lot of self-doubt, insecurities, self-hate, etc from people who I connect with and it saddens me because almost 95 percent of people who I encounter deal with the same issues and I can see the eerie similarities, the ones to where a false reality has stepped in and polluted the reality. Open your mind to the reality that is truth. Not the truth that deems everything to be of the devil, but the truth that is exactly that, the truth. A person living and being controlled by a false reality will never truly find themselves until they accept the truth. The truth is, you are beautiful just as you are.


Derrick Hudson

Intimacy: Author – D. Hudson

Breathe. Now walk across the room as my eyes lock into your every move.

I’m watching you. I sit patiently waiting for the next little thing that you will do.

A slight glimpse of a half-smile from you turns me on and sets my mind into motion

Wondering what you will do next, I long to be close to you. Intimacy!

It started when we said hello. It sparked in our conversations and is now embedded in my heart.

It’s that thing that makes me smile, it’s why I never want us to be apart. Intimacy!

It’s the opening of a door so that you may make your way into my arms.

It’s me taking your clothes off for you and preparing your mind while your bath runs warm.


Take my hand and let me lead you into the room.

Let me lie you across the bed and rub moisture onto you.

Let me work out your frustrations as I massage strength back into you.


Making love will suffice and darling I long to make love to you,

But intimacy has been on my mind all day

And so, in my heart is me wanting to be intimate with you.




Morning Flower

Derrick J. Hudson

Morning Flower
By Derrick J Hudson
Published – 1998

Morning flower, so subtle,
Sufficiently satisfying the needs of my eyes.
Your limbs so perfectly formed,
Your petals so smooth
I sigh for a moment.
Morning flower, I choose you
For you are the best of the bunch.
I wait patiently for you to reach out to me,
Although I long for your touch.
I watch you, studying every inch of you,
As the wind blows you from side to side.
A golden touch you give me,
As if you had eyes and they meet mine.
What a wonderful feeling,
Knowing that I have you in my grasp.
Caressing you slowly, smelling your fragrance, it smells so fine.
Morning flower I want you,
For you are beautiful,
I want you to be mine…

Guest Post Monday – Derrick Hudson

Derrick Hudson
Father of 2
Barber, Photographer, Poet



Why are you afraid of me? I just want to open the door,

I’m not going to try to manipulate you, as you pass through.

Why can’t you believe in me? Have others threated you so bad

That you have seemed to lose all faith in me?

Why can’t I just say hello?

Why are you so mean to me? A compliment doesn’t mean that I’m after you,

A compliment is just what I intended it to be.

Why does the joyous sound of laughter have to be diminished

As you walk into the room,

Why can’t I just be me?

Who do you want me to be? The one that does not hold the door,

The one who manipulates you so that you will give me anything?

I was created because I believe in you.

I am not simply a word, I’m a gesture

That was simply put in place to breathe life into you.

Please do not be intimidated by me. I mean you no harm

And I can help you weather the storm, as I keep you protected,

I hope you get used to me.

May I now introduce myself to you?

I am not all of the lies that you have come to know

I am worth more than meaningless words that are formed

To destroy your integrity.

I can complete you, only if you believe in me.

I am what gives life to men and women of the nations. 

I am CHIVALRY…             
D. Hudson