poll – are african americans/blacks still segregating themselves from the mass?



I had an interesting conversation with a friend yesterday in regards to the webpage Black And Brown People Vote (http://www.blackandbrownpeoplevote.org/). As our conversation was based on politics and race, it ended very well. We shook hands and parted with no blows.

His Opinion– We are segregating ourselves by developing voting webpages geared to only people of color. We are 51 years in from the signing of The Voting Rights Act of 1965, separate representation is no longer necessary in 2016.

Also, the name of the webpage “Black And Brown People Vote” should have been more neutral. We (AA/Blks) would be out for blood if a webpage popped up calling itself “White/Caucasian People Vote”.


My Opinion – Each generation needs a representation. If we had an abundance of representation on core sites, the need to build our own representation would not be a necessity. We have come a long ways since 1965; however, there is still a need to push people to the polls, especially our younger generations.

The name is perfect, if I was searching online and had a list of 50 sites that are geared towards voting, I would most definitely select Black And Brown People Vote as it’s a representation of me.


So, I ask and feel free to leave comments: